Can Messi go to the second round, what is Argentina’s score after beating Mexico?

Argentina beat Mexico 2-0 to keep their hopes of going to the next round of the World Cup alive. However, Lionel Messi’s ticket to the last 16 is still not guaranteed. They have to win against Poland in the last match. If you don’t win, look at other matches.

After playing two matches in the group, Argentina collected 3 points. Other teams of ‘C’ group are not far behind. Argentina has no chance to rest assured even though it is in the second place in the points table. Poland topped the group. Their points are 4 in two matches. Scored 2 goals. Leonidsky hasn’t conceded a goal yet. Second placed Argentina scored 3 goals. 2 goals scored. Saudi Arabia is in third place. They also collected 3 points in two matches. The Asian country defeated Argentina by scoring 2 goals but conceding 3 goals. Mexico is in fourth place. They collected 1 point in two matches. They scored 2 goals without scoring.

In this situation, Argentina will reach the second round if they win against Poland in the last match of the group. If not, you have to look at the results of other matches. If the Argentina-Poland match is a draw, the two teams will have 4 and 5 points respectively. Even so, the Leonidskys will go to the second round. The situation will be more difficult if Argentina lose. Then Poland will have no worries. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia will advance to the second round if they can stop Mexico in the last match of the group.

If Argentina loses and Mexico wins, the second-placed nation will advance to the next round. Again, if Saudi Arabia defeats Mexico, Argentina will be knocked out by opening points against Poland.

In other words, the easy way out for Argentina is to beat Poland on November 30 to secure a ticket to the second round. A draw will depend on the outcome of the Mexico-Saudi Arabia match. If that match also ends in a draw, Argentina will go to the next round as the goal difference is good.

If Messi loses, they will have no chance. Because then Poland will have 7 points. If the Mexico-Saudi Arabia match is a draw, Saudi Arabia will advance to the next round with 4 points. If Mexico wins, they will finish 16th with 4 points. Again, if the last two matches of the group end in a draw, Messi will have the advantage of being ahead on goal difference.

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