Did not lose to Messi! French coach told why he lost in the World Cup final||

Did not lose to Messi! French coach told why he lost in the World Cup final||

France lost to Argentina in the Qatar World Cup final. But Didier’s country is not giving credit to Lionel Messi for that loss. What reason for the loss of the French coach?

After losing to Argentina in the final of the Football World Cup, France could not set the precedent of becoming world champions twice in a row. But according to French coach Didier Deschamps, they did not lose because of Lionel Messi’s good performance. According to Deshan, at least four to five footballers in his team were not fully fit in the final. That’s why they couldn’t play the best game.

Newspaper ‘Marca’ reported that after Deschan’s contract was extended, he was questioned about France’s loss in the World Cup final. In response, Deshan said, “We did not play well. But I don’t blame any footballer for that. At least five footballers in the first XI were not fully fit. There were many reasons for that. So we couldn’t deal with Argentina.”

The French coach admitted that they were not in the game for the first hour. There, France fell behind by 2 goals to Argentina. Deshan said, “I don’t want to speak harshly against the footballers of the team. But I can say this, we did not play well for the first hour.

In the final of the World Cup, Argentina went ahead with Lionel Messi’s goal from the penalty at the beginning. Angel Di Maria scored Argentina’s second goal in the first half. At one time, it seemed that Messi will easily lift the World Cup trophy. But at the end of the game, Kylian Mbappé brought France back into the game by scoring two goals in 2 minutes.

Messi scored again in the second half of extra time. But even after that, Argentina could not win in 120 minutes. Because Mbappe equalized by scoring again at the end. He also completed his hat trick. The game is decided by a tiebreaker. There, Argentina beat France 4-2 to win the World Cup. But for that loss, Messi heard about the illness of his team’s footballers in the mouth of the French coach.

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