What does the football offside rule entail?

The offside rule may be the feature of football that is least understood but has a significant impact on how the game is played today. The offside rule is intended to stop attacking players from standing in front of the opposing goal all the time. This implies that only after the ball is played may an attacking player move into the area between the last defensive player (often the goalie) and the rest of the defence. When an attacking player is deemed to be offside, the ball is lost and the other team is awarded a free kick from that spot.

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This World Cup, FIFA has introduced what they refer to as “semi-automated offside technology.” Offsides is supposed to be an advancement over the technology already in use, but so far in the tournament, there has been some debate among fans over it. We examine the offside rule and contemporary technology in further detail.

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AI processes all player and ball data in real time, and when an offside is discovered, it alerts the VAR. The referee can then confirm the outcome when the VAR confirms the accuracy of the kick point and offside line.

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